Resetting an Activity from the Student's Gradebook

Use this page to learn how to reset an activity from the student's individual gradebook. 


To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Reset Assignments" checked under Gradebook Options. To validate your permissions, click here.


When an activity is reset, the first score is removed and the second attempt's grade will count no matter if it was lower than the first attempt. Resetting an activity does not remove the first attempt.

With an assessment, the highest score earned will count as long as the highest score was not reset. If it was, then that score is out of contention.

For activities that do not have a grade assigned yet, such as a performance task, the system will place 100% as a placeholder once the activity is reset. This score is not counted towards the grade, as is true of any other scores showing up under the "Other Attempts" section. It also doesn't show for students since resetting an activity forces them to complete it again from the beginning.

  1. Access the Selected Student tab for the applicable student and click View Courses
  2. Select the radio button next to the course.
  3. Click Grades.
  4. Find the activity by expanding the unit and lesson. 
  5. Click the activity.
  6. Click the attempt.

    If an educator already knows they want to reset the activity, click Reset Activity on the right side of the screen. MS-Resetting-reset_activity.png

  7. Click Reset Activity.
  8. Enter a reason.


    Some activities will ask additional questions. Make sure to read them and make your selection before moving to the next step.

  9. Click Reset.