Things to Consider When Updating Grade Weights

The table below contains important information to keep in mind when updating grade weights.


Type of Task Informative Information
Assessments There is a separate grade weight category for Quizzes, Tests, and Exams. They aren't grouped into a single grade weight.
Labs Written lab reports, lab reflection activities, and lab assessments will be counted in the Lab category.
Essays The final draft of the essay will be counted in the essay grade category. The Pre-writing and Rough Drafts will count as assignments.
Projects Many of our courses contain activities that students will upload for their teacher to score. These can be found in many of the Career Electives courses, but are also found in other courses as projects, group discussions, or performance tasks. All of these types of activities will be counted toward Project weight.
Assignments This will include activities such as warm-ups, instructional videos, vocabulary exercises, virtual and wet lab activities, practice activities, test and exam reviews, pre-writing and rough draft submissions, and anything else that isn’t part of the lab, essay, or assessment grades.