Quiz Review Method

Educators can control a student's visibility to quiz questions and answers after the quiz is submitted and failed attempts are exhausted. Please talk to your program administrator about these options before implementing them.


Please note, these options are only available on quizzes and not exams to maintain the integrity of the assessment question banks.

Educators have three choices for how students will be able to review their completed quizzes:

  • No Review – Upon submitting the quiz, students will not be able to review any information regarding the quizzes
  • Questions and Student Answers – Upon submitting the quiz, students can review the questions and the answers they selected, indicating whether it was correct or incorrect. This is the default option for most Imagine Edgenuity courses when they are released.
  • Questions and Correct Answers – Upon submitting the quiz, students can review the questions, their selected answers, and also the correct answers for all quiz questions.


To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Edit Course Options" checked under School Courses. To validate your permissions, click here.

  1. Under the Courses tab, select Manage Courses.
  2. Find the course with the filters or the search bar.
  3. Checkmark the course(s). Click Edit Course Options.
  4. In the Quiz Review Method section and select the radio-dial next to the review method you would like for the course, then click Submit.
  5. A notification window will ask which students should be affected by these changes. Select a choice. Click Submit.
  6. At the top of the page, a confirmation states the changes were made successfully.