Course Options for Multiple Courses Overview

This guide is a breakdown of the course options while changes to any of these options will impact multiple courses. 

To see how the default course options compare by a couple of courses, click here

Option Description
Automatic Progression Students may move on in their courses once they have exhausted their retakes.
eNotes Students can use the notes they have taken through the lessons on the assessments.
Fail Attempts Allowed Sets the number of times students may attempt an assessment and fail it before a teacher will be alerted and asked to allow additional retakes.
Free Movement Allows students to move freely between activities in the course, rather than in order from top to bottom. With this option enabled, students can freely click on any activity, but they will still be required to watch videos in their entirety.
Guided Notes Provides a way to keep students actively engaged during the lecture portions of the online coursework. 
Prescriptive Testing Used to enable a diagnostic test taken at the very beginning of a course, the results of which will automatically customize the course for the student.
Pretesting Allows a student to test out of a lesson before viewing the content.
Chat Support When concept coaching, also known as chat support, is turned on, a student can reach out to a concept coach via chat and receive assistance with activities.
Passing Thresholds Specifies the minimum passing score for each type of assessment.
Save/Exit on Assessments Allows a student to complete assessments over multiple class sessions.
Start and Target Dates Specifies the beginning and projected completion dates for the course.
Teacher Review Prevents a student from taking an assessment until a teacher gives the green light.