Understanding the Course Names

When looking at the list of courses offered, it is important to understand the differences in titles so the right course is selected. Use the following couple of steps: 

  1. Look at the series. For example, Individualized Learning Path (ILP) courses are Legacy MyPath whereas something with a series name of 3000 is Imagine Learning's newest Imagine Edgenuity course.
  2. When looking at the course name, there might be additional information to distinguish the different versions of the courses. For the 3000-series courses, the table below shows the most common differences in the same course:


Series Added Code (end of the Name) Description
3000 IC The full-year initial credit version. These courses are typically between 90 and 100 hours. They will contain some teacher-graded activities. 
3000 A-IC The first semester of the initial credit version.
3000 B-IC The second semester of the initial credit version. 
3000 CR The full-year credit recovery version. These courses are typically under 80 hours and have no teacher-graded activities in them.
3000 A-CR The first semester of the credit recovery version.
3000 B-CR The second semester of the credit recovery version.
3000 H This indicates that the course is an honors version. 


Other Course Codes Description
VT This stands for Virtual Tutor. These courses offer students comprehensive preparation and give them access to rigorous content to help prepare them for their national tests. 
CLN This designates a course is a novel course. 
LMS Newer versions of the World Language courses.