Managing educator accounts

Administrators at schools or districts are responsible for creating, managing, and archiving other educator and admin accounts within Imagine Edgenuity. Administrators can always view and manage individual accounts, and in some cases, manage multiple accounts at the same time. This allows them to more efficiently update permissions or user access.

Administrators can edit the educator's role, school, permissions, email, and password. Administrators can also archive an educator's account from the Manage Educators page.

The Imagine Edgenuity session times out after 90 minutes. A 5-minute countdown starts on the 85th minute.

Accessing Manage Educators

Under the More tab, select Manage Educators.


Features of the Manage Educators Page

There are a number of features for managing educators at the same time on this page.


If you want to view the previous Manage Educators page, click the link next to the Manage Educators title.


Option Image
Page Options ME-Buttons.png
Creating an Educator Account ME-AddEducatorButton.png
Creating a School Administrator Account ME-AddEducatorButton.png
Creating a District Administrator Account ME-AddEducatorButton.png
Educator List by Account Status ME-Tabs.png
Search for Educators ME-Search.png
Filtering the Educator List ME-Filters.png

User Permissions

Managing educator accounts is governed by a number of permissions. To review permissions related to managing educator accounts, review Roles and Permissions.

To edit an educator's permissions, review the following:

To edit the schools to which a teacher has access, review Updating an Educator Account. In addition to moving a teacher from one school to another, administrators can also give teachers access to some or all schools within the district.

Manage Educator Actions

To find out how to complete actions on educator accounts and any required permissions, use the following links: