Setting Start and Target Dates for Multiple Courses

Set the start date and target date to reflect when students will begin and end a course. This will control how students' Assignment Calendars populate. It will also allow educators (and students) to see whether they are ahead, behind, or on pace.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How far out can target dates be set?
Two years and twenty days is the maximum it can be set.


To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Edit Course Options" checked under School Courses. To validate your permissions, click here.

Need to know how to access this page? View the steps here.

  1. Click Edit Course Options.
  2. Click the down arrow next to Start and Target Dates.
  3. Select the desired option for Start and Target Dates. If changing the date, make sure to insert a new date in the format: MM/DD/YYYY.


    By clearing or changing the current date, you will be changing the setting for all students in the course.

  4. If done, click Next. To find out about other course options, click here.
  5. Select the radio button on how enrollments will be impacted. Then click Next.
  6. Confirm the changes. Click Submit.
  7. A confirmation window will show the changes were submitted. Click OK.