EdgeEX — Changing/awarding a score and adding comments on an activity

Use the steps on this page to:

  • Change a score on a system-scored activity.
  • Award a score on a teacher-graded activity.
  • Add a comment to a student's activity without changing the score of the activity.

Changing/awarding a score and adding comments

  1. Access the Manage Score flyout on the Grades tab.
  2. On the Manage Score flyout, enter a score and/or a comment.


    • In the Enter new score field, you can enter a decimal to the tenths place or a fraction that will convert to a percentage.
    • The Comment field has a 25,000 character limit, including spaces.
    • On Short Writing submissions for the 4 core subjects, AI-Suggested Comments are available. 
  3. Click Submit.


    • You can hover over the asterisk next to the Score to view information about who scored the assignment and when.

    • If you made a comment, it will include a time stamp. You can hover over the time stamp later to see when the student viewed your comment.
  4. Do one of the following:
    If Then
    You are finished  Continue to the next step.

    You need to edit your previously-entered score or comment

    Click Edit and make the necessary changes to the grade or comment.


  5. To save and close, click the X at the top of the flyout or click Cancel.

Video: Seconds to Success — Score an Activity