EdgeEX — Viewing work in the student's Grades tab

Use this page to access and view work from the student's Grades tab.

Accessing the Student Work pane

  1. Access the Grades tab.
  2. In the center panel under Course Structure, locate the applicable activity.


    • You can expand each unit individually or click Expand All.
    • You can also click the Current Activity button to jump directly to the activity the student is currently working on.
  3. Click the activity that you wish to view.
  4. The activity displays in the Student Work pane.

Features of the Student Work pane

Feature Description
Details View details of the activity, including due date, date submitted, score, grade weight, time spent, and status.


The time in the Submitted field is displayed in the time zone of the user.

Action buttons

Use the Action buttons to manage the activity.

From left to right, the action buttons are:


View attempts From the drop-down list, select the attempt that you wish to view. 
View results of Plagiarism Checker and Generative AI Detector 


This add-on feature applies only to Short Writing and Essay activities.

You can click the AI or PC icon to download the results of the Plagiarism Checker and Generative AI Detector.
View Speed Radar If you see a Speed Radar icon at the top of the Student Work pane, it means the student has completed the activity more quickly than expected.
Navigation bar Navigate to the pages of the activity.
Expand to full screen

Click the Expand icon to view student work in a full screen. 

In this view:

  • Review student work. As you navigate through pages of the activity, you can also view any Answer Explanations and Show Me videos that were presented to the student.
  • Toggle to show answers.
  • Review student eNotes.
  • Click X to exit the full screen.