Checking the edition of a course

Courses are regularly updated with new content. The edition filter allows you to check the status of a course. The editions are:

  • Current
  • Previous
  • Scheduled for EOL
  • Unsupported

Frequently asked questions

By course edition are you talking about courses like Advanced Placement, World Language, etc.?
No. Those are course series. Course edition is the version of a particular course.
What does Unsupported mean?

A course is placed in Unsupported status when it is no longer supported, usually because it has been replaced by an updated course. Another reason why a course may be unsupported is that it does not meet the state's current standards.

Unsupported courses are still available for use, however it is not recommended. This is because Unsupported courses may have issues such as links not working correctly, embedded documents not opening, or sound distortion issues. These errors will not be corrected because in nearly all cases, there is an updated course to replace the Unsupported one. 

Before a course is marked Unsupported, it is marked Scheduled for EOL (end of life). This means that there is a newer version of the course coming, and that the existing one will be marked as Unsupported after the current school year. To avoid enrolling students in an unsupported course, check if a course is the most recent version before the beginning of a school semester using the steps below.

What do the other course edition options mean?
  • Current: Most recent edition of the course.
  • Previous: There is a newer version of the course, but this one will still be supported indefinitely.
  • Scheduled for EOL: The current school year is the last year this course will be supported. At the beginning of April, any course with the edition "Scheduled for EOL" will update to "Unsupported" and districts should update to the Current version of the course.

Checking the edition of a course

  1. Under Courses, click Manage Courses
  2. Click Filters
  3. Under Edition, check the Current, Previous, Scheduled for EOL, or Unsupported, then click Apply to display the results. 


    If you are reviewing courses in Unsupported status, it may be beneficial to see which course, if any, is Scheduled for EOL. This course will become unsupported at the end of the current school year. To view these courses, select the Scheduled for EOL box and click Apply.

What to do next

If a course is in Unsupported status: 

  • Teachers - notify school or district administrator
  • Administrator -
    • Archive the course


      Make sure to filter by unsupported before archiving courses

    • Locate the newer version of the course in the Course Management School (CMS)
    • Cannot find the newer version of the course or have access to the CMS? Contact the Customer Success Manager.