EdgeEX and heritage Edgenuity — Provisioning courses

For courses to be adopted by a District or School, they must first be provisioned. For heritage courses, Imagine Learning staff assist with provisioning. For EdgeEX courses, permissioned users can provision their own courses. In heritage Imagine Edgenuity, you find new courses in the Course Management School (CMS). EdgeEX courses do not appear in the CMS. Instead, you will find them in the Imagine Edgenuity Catalog. 

EdgeEX Heritage

EdgeEx courses display in the Imagine Edgenuity Catalog. From there, Administrators can preview courses and add them to the District or School Catalogs to customize content and options.

If you make a change in the Catalog version of a course, the change can be applied to any and all Schools in your District and Sections in your schools.

From the School catalog, you can create and manage Sections that are assigned to teachers. Once created, Sections can be managed individually or at the District or School level.

Review EdgeEX — Catalog and course provisioning overview for more information.


Courses are provisioned to your Course Management School (CMS).

Administrators can access the CMS. Then they can customize content and options and add the courses to schools. Once the courses are added to schools, there is not a way to make additional changes and then apply them to all schools. Changes must be made manually to each course on the Manage Courses page.