Using EdgeEX and heritage Edgenuity courses


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EdgeEX is a new course offering with an enhanced EXperience for administrators, teachers, and students. These courses are designed to work together with heritage Imagine Edgenuity courses. 

Use this article to orient yourself with navigating EdgeEX and heritage Edgenuity courses at the same time.

Actions that are the same

The following actions work the same way for EdgeEX and heritage Edgenuity courses:

Action Related Articles
Manage Students
Manage Educators
Manage Enrollments
Manage Groups
Manage Classes
Group Progress Report

Actions that are different 

The following actions have different steps based on whether the course is an EdgeEX or heritage Edgenuity course:

Action Related Articles
General curriculum/features Provisioning courses
Viewing courses
Viewing Course Structure and Activities
Accessing Scope and Sequence and Syllabus
Accessing guided notes for a course
Changing course options
Enabling accommodations and modifications
Calculating Actual Grade
Calculating Target Progress
Using the Manage Courses page
Educator experience Viewing and acting on alerts
Monitoring student work
Working in the Student Course List

Video: Seconds to Success - Managing Courses for Administrators

Review this short video for an overview of some similarities in navigating in EdgeEX and heritage courses.