EdgeEX – Using the Educator Launchpad


This article is for use by EdgeEX Beta users. 

The Educator Launchpad displays on the Homepage when educators log in to Imagine Edgenuity. It provides an at-a-glance view of alerts and allows you to take action when students need assessments unlocked or are out of retakes. The information is filtered to show only your students.

To return to the Educator Launchpad from any other page, click the Imagine Edgenuity icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

Features of the Educator Launchpad

The following are the features of the Educator Launchpad:

Item Description
Assessments to Unlock

Click the Quick View button to:

  • View students who need to have assessments unlocked.
  • Unlock all assessments for multiple blocked students or unlock an assessment for one student at a time.
Out of Retakes

Click the Quick View button to:

  • View students who are out of retakes.
  • Give one or multiple blocked students one additional assessment attempt.