EdgeEX — Providing Retakes from the Educator Launchpad


To add retakes from the Educator Launchpad, you must have the Add Retake permission. To check your permissions, reference Checking your educator permissions.

Use this article to provide an assessment retake for one student or multiple students from the Educator Launchpad.

The Initial Allowed Attempts value set in the Course Options controls the number of attempts a student has on a given assessment type before they are blocked from trying again. When students exhaust the initial allowed attempts set for them, a teacher will need to take action in order for them to continue in their course.

As soon as a student exhausts their initial allowed attempts, the student will automatically display on the Out of Retakes widget on the Educator Launchpad. The widget will show the total number of assessments that are out of retakes, as well as the number that have been in out of retakes for more than 24 hours.

Frequently asked questions

Who can see enrollments that are out of retakes?
Teachers see only enrollments in sections they are assigned as primary or secondary teachers. Administrators see all enrollments in any schools they are assigned to.
How many retakes can I provide to a student?
The number of retakes you can provide is the maximum amount set in Course Options. If the maximum amount is reached, you will receive an error message.
If I provide a retake on an assessment that must be unlocked, will the retake be locked?
Yes. You will need to unlock the assessment.
What if I change my mind and want to take away the retake?
If you have just added an attempt in the Quick View, you can undo it using the icon (for a single student) or the Undo banner at the top of the widget (for multiple students). However, if you have already closed the Quick View, you will need to visit the student’s Grades tab (in the Enrollment Hub) to delete the attempt.
What if the student I want to give a retake to does not appear in the Out of Retakes Quick View?
This is unlikely to happen; however, if it does, you can navigate to the assessment directly. Choose the student’s course from their course list or the Manage Enrollments page, and navigate to the Grades tab of the Enrollment Hub.

Providing retakes

  1. Access the Educator Launchpad and review the Out of Retakes widget.
  2. Click the Quick View button.
  3. The Out of Retakes window displays.
  4. Do one of the following:
    If Then
    You want to add one assessment retake to all students on the list
    1. Click the Add Attempt to All icon at the top of the list. 
    2. On the confirmation message that displays, click Confirm.
    You want to add one assessment retake to an individual student
    1. Click the Add Attempt icon on the row of the individual student whose assessment you wish to provide a retake for.
    2. On the confirmation message that displays, click the X to close the message.
  5. Click the X at the top right of the window to return to the Educator Launchpad.