Customizing a World Language course


Beginning June 30, 2024, AP French and AP Spanish will no longer be available in Imagine Edgenuity. These courses are Unsupported as of April 1. On June 30, however, they will be removed altogether from the system; they will not continue to exist in an Unsupported status. 

Review the FAQ in the Advanced Placement courses article for more information. If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to your Imagine Learning Account Executive.

Learn what is available to educators when wanting to customize a World Language course.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are districts allowed to customize out content completed by students in the older, unsupported version of the AP courses?
The College Board approves the syllabus. As long as the student completes all of the work approved by the College Board in the syllabus, the format or course version in which the content is delivered will not affect AP credit. Assessments are not dynamic and students will be assessed on the content in the base course.


These courses are highly customizable. Please be aware of the following as you consider customizing these courses:

  • You have the option of customizing these courses at the course level for all students, or you can personalize a course for an individual student. As an example, if you have a student transfer into your school who has already completed part of a World Language course, you can customize the student’s course to remove any content already completed.
  • The Edgenuity customization tool allows additional functionality to add your own assignments in the format of a writing assignment, or a project that students upload. Keep in mind that adding content into the course will require teachers to manually grade those assignments.

Keep these in mind when customizing a World Language course: 

  • Removing content from a course does not affect the quizzes, tests, or exams. That removed content may still appear on the assessments.
  • Rearranging content also does not affect the assessments. We recommend that you do not rearrange content in these courses in such a way that students would be assessed on content they have not yet seen.
  • Assessment items or the lesson assessment banks cannot be customized.
  • Non-AP courses- Each lesson should take about an hour for students to complete. While the number of activities may vary from lesson to lesson, they will still average out to about 60-70 minutes each.

How-to Customize a Course

Customizing a Student's Course Customizing at the Course-level

Course Options

After customizing a course, an educator is prompted to edit the options of the course, whether for a student or at the course level. Learn about the options available here

Grading Categories

Find additional information pertaining to the activities within each course and what grade weight category each falls. To see the following information, make sure you have been authenticated through Edgenuity's system.

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