Getting started with World Language courses

The following quick-start guide is designed to help easily transit into the Imagine Edgenuity platform, understand the changes to the grading logic, and learn more about the best practices in managing the World Language students. The AP World Language courses, only available as full-year options, do not require textbooks. Districts should expect each student to complete about one activity per week  These speaking or writing activities are graded by a teacher who speaks the language. 

The grading system for AP World Language courses differs from Powerspeak. Imagine Edgenuity uses weighted averages of various activity types to determine student grades. In these new courses, each activity is linked to a weighted category that is calculated as a percentage of the student’s grade. The educator can customize the weighted percentages. Learn more by clicking here.

The midterm and the end-of-year exam consists of a bank of questions that are selected at random. The midterm exam covers the content taught in the first semester while the end-of-year exam covers the content from the entire course. The question banks are pre-populated and are not dynamic, which is why customization in World Language courses is not encouraged.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What options are not available on these World Language courses?
Pretesting, prescriptive testing, and creating an exam-only course are not available options in World Language courses.
How can users apply accents and other special characters on letters using the keyboard?
Why are some activities that were counted in Powerspeak, not counted in the World Language LMS courses?

This is because the Powerspeak LMS had a points-based grading system and the Imagine Edgenuity LMS has a category-based grading system. We changed activities with a small number of graded questions to be unscored. Otherwise, students would be unfairly penalized for a single wrong answer and the 0% score on the activity would weigh down their course grade.

Students are earning coins through the program. What are they used for?
They were used for Avatars, but those are no longer supported as they relied on Flash. Educators can use them for classroom rewards or motivations.
What is the best way for an AP World Language teacher to view the course as a student?
Copy the course and assign the copy to the teacher’s account. This way the teacher can still grade the student's coursework while also viewing the content from the student experience.


Getting Started
Monitoring Students


Getting Started

What do I need to know about the Imagine Edgenuity LMS to manage my world language courses successfully?

Understanding the Homepage Learn about all the buttons on the homepage after logging into the system.


User Groups User groups allow educators to organize student accounts, making it easier to manage the student roster in various places. 

Creating a User Group

Adding Students to a User Group

Adding a Course to a User Group

Exploring the Course Structure Become familiar with the structure of an Imagine Edgenuity course. Each hyperlink allows the educator to view the content the student will see.

Accessing the Course Structure

Exploring the Course Documents Find teacher documents related to the selected course. 

Accessing the Course Documents

Speaking and Writing Rubrics

Customizing a Course Imagine Edgenuity allows for course customizations. Find important information to know before embarking on customizing a World Language course.

Customizing any World Language course

AP World Language Only- Editing the Course Options Optional- Adjust the course options of an Advanced Placement World Language course

Available Course Options


The Powerspeak LMS uses a points-based grading system, while Imagine Edgenuity has a weight-based grading system based on activity categories. Now that the Powerspeak content is inside the Imagine Edgenuity LMS, World Language activities have been categorized, allowing us to move over to the weight-based grading system used by all other Imagine Edgenuity courses. There are two major changes to how activities are graded based on this shift:

  1. Any Powerspeak activities that used to be worth a very small number of points are not counted in the weight-based grading system within the Imagine Edgenuity LMS. This prevents students from being unfairly penalized for a wrong answer, providing them with the permission to fail that we value in our Courseware instructional model. For future reference, this page shows the Powerspeak activities that fall into each grading category.
  2. The grading around quiz writings has another notable difference caused by moving from point-based grading to weight-based grading. In the Powerspeak LMS, any quiz writings that were worth less than five points have been converted to Practice activities in the Imagine Edgenuity LMS. This also prevents any extreme penalties from disproportionately impacting the average quiz score.

Learn more about editing the options on a course level or a student level to change the weights for each category.

Common Terminology

What do the new grades mean and how can I use them with my world language courses?

Overall Grade Actual Grade Relative Grade


Student's Gradebook

Where can I access, view, and grade work completed by a student?

Accessing a Student's Gradebook How do I get to a student's gradebook? Accessing the Gradebook
Resetting an Activity Can I reset a student's activity? Resetting an Activity


Course Gradebook

Where can I find more information on how my students are scoring as a group? 

Accessing Classroom Data- Test Can I see how my students fared on the tests in the course?  Gradebook- Tests
Accessing Classroom Data- Quiz Is there a way to find how all of my students scored on the quizzes?  Gradebook- Quizzes
Accessing Classroom Data- Activities Where can I find how the students did on specific activities in the course?  Gradebook- Activities


Speaking and Writing Assignments

Non-AP World Language Courses:

Want to learn how to grade speaking assignments? Click here

Want to learn how to grade writing assignments? Click here

Students- Use this document for students to learn how to submit assignments. 


AP World Language Courses:

Want to learn how to grade speaking assignments? Click here

Want to learn how to grade writing assignments? Click here

Students- Use this document for students to learn how to submit assignments. 

Monitoring Students

Imagine Edgenuity has a variety of ways to monitor students as a whole. Some key reports are outlined below, but feel free to check out some additional reports in our Report Library

Multiple Student Reports


Is there a place to find real-time data on my students' progress?

Alerts There are three different icons shown under the 'Alert' column, what do they mean?  The orange alert means the student is waiting for a review of his/her work before s/he can access the assessment. The yellow alert means the student has submitted work that needs grading. The red alert means the student is out of retakes on an assessment. 
Progress tab vs Course tab What is the difference between the Progress tab and the Course tab?  The Progress tab displays each student's basic information for each course- their grade, start date, target date, date of first grade, date of the last grade, days since the last action, target completion, and progress.

The Course tab provides details specific to individual student courses. This page is useful when comparing students assigned to the same course, as it provides a graphical representation of student progress.
Interpreting Dates and Progress on the Dashboard There looks like a lot of information on this page. What are the key data metrics to monitor?  Some of the key data to monitor to are: Start Date, Target Date, First Grade, Last Grade, Days Since Last Action, Target Completion, and Progress


Managing Enrollments

Is there a page where I can keep an eye on student's overall performance in a course? I'd like to track their progress, pacing, grade, and even the last time they had a gradebook entry. 

Active Tab Is there a list of all my student enrollments? Accessing the Active Enrollments
Action Buttons What are all the actions that can be taken with an enrollment? Action Buttons
Other Tabs What do the other tabs, other than Active, do? Manage Enrollments tabs

Looking for ways to pair filters together? Check out our best practice suggestions on this page

Individual Student Reports

Course Report

Is there a report where I can see a summary of a student's progress in a course?

This report is accessible to an educator and a student. It outlines a student's grades, progress, due dates, attempts, and scores. 

Accessing the Course Report Where can I locate this report? Accessing the Course Report Via the Student's Grades
Understanding the Course Report There seems to be a lot of information on the report, what does it all mean? Understanding the Course Report


Session Log

This is a familiar resource, but now that the courses are in Imagine Edgenuity's LMS, will the completed number of activities now populate? 

Yes, an educator will be able to fully track active and idle times as well as the number of completed activities. 

Accessing the Session Log Where is this report located? Accessing the Session Log
Understanding the Session Log What does all this information mean? Understanding the Session Log

Active Time

Idle Time