Choosing the best World Language courses for your students

There are two world language options available within the Imagine Edgenuity World Language and Odysseyware World Language. Each district has their own needs, so use this page to learn more about each product. 

No matter which product is selected, both include: 

  • multiple opportunities to practice grammar and vocabulary
  • numerous cultures are studied with coordinating culture activities
  • a variety of interactive activities
  • a review before Unit Tests

Imagine Edgenuity World Language

  • Includes listening and speaking activities
    • Speaking activities are found in every unit and are teacher-graded
      • These consist of a few phrases and/or sentences
      • Project-type speaking assignments in each course
      • Quarter and semester exams include speaking prompts
  • Provides an authentic reading and writing application
  • Strong alignment to standards
  • Culture activities
    • Cultural videos include a native of a Spanish speaking country talking about their country's geography, history, art, etc. 
    • CultureGrams are used for culture instruction
  • An ongoing story/comic runs through the Spanish, French, and German courses. As the the course progresses, an increase in the world language versus English is used. 
    • There are quizzes related to the story. 
  • Available languages:
    • Spanish
    • French (including French III)
    • German
    • Chinese
    • Latin
    • AP Spanish
    • AP French
  • Customization is not recommended due to locked assessment sets

Odysseyware World Language

  • Strong cultural component
  • Highly interactive with an emphasis on vocabulary and grammar
  • Supports blended instruction with augmented teacher-provided standards instruction
  • Speaking capabilities not available
  • Writing opportunities for students
    • Each unit contains 1-3 projects 
    • Some require writing in the world language as the course progresses
    • Unit and semester exam have questions requiring writing
  • Assessment types vary from multiple choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, and listening questions 
  • Tests are customizable
  • Available languages:
    • Spanish
    • French (does not include French III)
  • AP courses are not available