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Getting Started

What do I need to know about the Imagine Edgenuity LMS to manage my courses successfully?



  Teacher Tasks Related Resources
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png For new teachers: 
Log in with the credentials provided by your administrator and take time to get familiar with your role within Imagine Edgenuity.
New Customers
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png For returning teachers:
Log in with your credentials and explore courses that were updated from the previous year.
Course Updates
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png For all teachers:
  • Familiarize yourself with the new student experience.
  • Attend any Imagine Edgenuity professional development trainings offered throughout the school year by your school or district. Contact your administrator for specific training dates and times.
Student Experience




Choose from the following implementation solution. Your school or district may have already provided guidance on which solution should be used.

Teacher-led teacher-led_icon.png   OR Virtual School virtual_school_icon.png
With this solution, educators can use Edgenuity’s online curriculum to continue offering instruction to students during a closure. Educators broadcast themselves teaching lessons using Zoom or Google Classroom so students can continue learning. This solution is true online learning, offering structure and progress tracking. Students can work asynchronously and at their own pace.
Zoom User Meeting Controls

Zoom Presenter Quick Start Guide

Getting Started with Zoom Meetings (Video)

Student Orientation Video


Imagine Edgenuity's product can be used in a variety of ways no matter the solution you selected. While we have outlined the most common items for each solution, feel free to adjust based on your needs. 



Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Adding Students virtual_school_icon.png A district administrator may have already imported your students roster, so be sure to check with your admin before adding new students. If you are tasked with creating student accounts, this resource will guide you through that process.  Creating a New Student Account
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Establishing User Groups virtual_school_icon.png Organize students into groups. This is helpful when enrolling your class in a course, or viewing reports based on the students in your group. Creating a User Group

Adding Students to a User Group
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Class Gradebook virtual_school_icon.png Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the Gradebook so you can provide feedback to your students as soon as they start working in the system. Accessing the Gradebook



Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Enrolling Students in Courses virtual_school_icon.png Assign student(s) to a course. Enrolling a Student in a Course

Enrolling Multiple Students

NEW! Student Self-Enrollment
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Enrolling Yourself in a Course teacher-led_icon.png Assign your teacher account to a course, so you can broadcast lessons to your students virtually. Enrolling Yourself in a Course
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Editing the Course Options 
For a teacher-led solution, ensure the following course options are disabled for the courses you assign to yourself (box is unchecked):
  • Teacher review for quizzes
  • Teacher review for tests
  • Teacher review for exams
Editing the Course Options for Multiple Students
For a virtual school solution, ensure the following course options are enabled (box is checked): 
  • Auto-progression is enabled
  • Free movement is enabled 
  • Teacher review for quizzes, tests, and exams
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Exploring Course Structures virtual_school_icon.png Explore the structure of any course and click on any activity to preview what your students will see. This view allows teachers to see the answers to tasks and assessment items. Accessing the Course Structure
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Exploring Course Documents virtual_school_icon.png View any helpful documents associated with the course. Some examples are scopes, alignments, and teacher guides/answer keys. Viewing the Course Documents
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Accessing Standards Alignments virtual_school_icon.png Locate the standards aligned with each lesson of the course. Accessing Course Standards
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png *Language Arts Educators- Virus Sensitivity Lessons 
Find lessons that include the following topics: pandemics, viruses, and related deaths. NEW! Virus Sensitivity Lessons



teacher-led_icon.png For those implementing the teacher-led solution, grading of activities is not necessary since you will be broadcasting the lesson content to your students.
virtual_school_icon.png The following grading resources are necessary for those implementing the virtual classroom solution.



What do the grade metrics mean and how can I use them with my courses?

Overall Grade Actual Grade Relative Grade



Where can I access, view, and grade work completed by a student?

Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Accessing a Student's Gradebook virtual_school_icon.png How do I navigate to a specific student's gradebook? Accessing the Gradebook
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Resetting an Activity Can I reset a student's activity? Resetting an Activity



Where can I find more information on how my students are performing as a group? 

Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Class Gradebook virtual_school_icon.png From the Gradebook, you can provide feedback to your students as soon as they start working in the system and take action on activities.  Accessing the Gradebook
    Accessing Classroom Data- Test Can I see how my students fared on the tests in the course?  Gradebook- Tests
Accessing Classroom Data- Quiz Is there a way to find how all of my students scored on the quizzes?  Gradebook- Quizzes
Accessing Classroom Data- Activities Where can I find how the students did on specific activities in the course?  Gradebook- Activities


Monitoring Students

What are some ways to monitor my group of students?

Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Dashboard virtual_school_icon.png Access real-time data by viewing student progress, identifying the students who need your support, and exporting the data at regular intervals for long-term tracking of key metrics. Dashboard

Interpreting Dates and Progress on the Dashboard
  Alerts on the Dashboard There are three alerts that appear on the Dashboard: orange, yellow, and red. Students with an alert will be filtered to the top of the list for you to review.  Orange Alert

Yellow Alert

Red Alert
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Lesson Mastery Report virtual_school_icon.png The Lesson Mastery Report allows you to define mastery and see which specific students are struggling to master content, allowing you to easily group students for small-group or individual instruction. Lesson Mastery Report
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Single-Student Reports virtual_school_icon.png Explore reports pertaining to individual students. Single-Student Reports

Student's Course Report
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Multi-Student Reports virtual_school_icon.png Explore reports for your class or user group. Multi-Student Reports
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Managing Current Sessions virtual_school_icon.png Track which students are currently logged in. Managing Current Sessions


Parent Resources

What resources are available to share with parents/guardians/families? 

Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Introducing Parents to Edgenuity teacher-led_icon.png virtual_school_icon.png Review resources introducing parents to Imagine Edgenuity. Introduction to Parents
Best_Practices-_Checkbox.png Communicating with Parents 
Find ways to ensure parents are kept up-to-date on their child's progress within Edgenuity. Parent Progress Emails and Family Portal


Additional Resources

Find more support pages to help you and your students succeed. 

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