Managing Schedules Overview


You need to be a District Administrator to do anything with Schedules.

Administrators have the ability to create a timed schedule that can alter course options. The schedule can target the whole district, a specific school, or a specific group of students.

When a schedule is launched, it will only target the course options for individual students. The main course options in the Manage Courses page will not be changed.

Keep in mind, you cannot target a specific set of courses or subject areas. All course options will be changed for the students (including VT courses).

Typically, an administrator will utilize a schedule during a holiday break. The most common implementation of this tool would be to remove the Teacher Review options and enable Automatic Progression. This would allow students to work through their course during winter break. With all the checkpoints removed, the students are able to get massive amounts of course work completed without teacher intervention.


Creating a New Schedule Deleting a Schedule Disabling a Schedule Editing a Schedule
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