Creating a New Schedule

Use this page to create a timed schedule to alter course options.

  1. Under the More tab, select District Settings.
  2. Click the Schedules tab.
  3. Click Add.
  4. In the Information section, complete the following:
    • Name the schedule.
    • In the Target drop-down, select the target group for this schedule- entire district, single school, student groups, or a class.
    • In the Recurring drop-down, select a one time, daily, or weekly schedule.
    • Set the Start and End day and time.
    • Select the Time Zone for the schedule.

  5. Checkmark the boxes next to the feature to be executed during the schedule. AS-StartandEndProfile.png


    This can be confusing for a first-time user. Feel free to reach out to Customer Support for help. Schedules can affect an entire district's implementation plan and should be applied with caution.

  6. Click Save.