Configuring the Start Profile and End Profile

 Use this page to configure a schedule for the system to follow. This can be used while on a break but some students are still allowed to work.

  • Passing Thresholds: Click a box, then define the new threshold that will be applied to all the courses assigned to the students. Any box left unchecked, will not make any changes to those thresholds.

  • Review Required: Click a box to change the “teacher review” method for a quiz, test, or exam. For example, if your district normally requires a review for tests and exams, but you want to disable these settings during Spring Break, you would click the first set of boxes, then leave the second set unchecked.

  • Other Options: This section redefines how many failed attempts will be required before an instructor needs to intervene. Don’t enable this setting and leave it at 0 (it causes issues). Automatic progression is a feature that allows a student to advance to the next lesson, even if they are completely out of fail attempts.