Getting started — Resources for new Imagine Edgenuity educators

Welcome to Imagine Edgenuity! The resources on this page will get you up and running quickly as you integrate Imagine Edgenuity into your classroom, school, or district:

Frequently asked questions

How do I make sure the Require Orientation Video setting is turned on for all my students? What if I want to change the setting?
You can enable or disable the Orientation Video for multiple students as desired.

Student orientation videos

Become familiar with what students are learning about getting started with Imagine Edgenuity. There are two videos that display for new students:

  • Course Map orientation video
  • Overall Grade, Actual Grade, or Relative Grade orientation video: There are three grade metrics for a school to choose from, and each one has a unique video associated with it. Based on the administrator’s selections, students will either see the Overall Grade, Actual Grade, or Relative Grade on their student experience home page. The Actual Grade is the default grade selection, but administrators can choose another metric. There is a video for each grade option; the only difference is the grade metric displayed. Please watch the video that corresponds to your administrator’s default grade selection:
    • Overall Grade
    • Relative Grade
    • Actual Grade


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Learning Paths

Ready to get started? Teachers can explore these learning paths and guides to set up your classroom in Imagine Edgenuity.

Courseware World Language LMS UPSMART
Imagine Purpose Advanced Placement Virtual Tutors
EDynamic Learning Courses NCAA MYPATH- Edgenuity's Placement Exam