Updating the Student Orientation Video requirement for multiple students

When students are starting their online courses in Imagine Edgenuity for the first time, you may choose to have them watch our orientation video. The orientation video is two, short videos to introduce students to Imagine Edgenuity. You can conveniently enable it for all of your students at one time.

Frequently Asked Questions:
If my students have already started their coursework, can I still turn on the orientation video for all of them?
Yes. Once you enable the orientation video, students will be required to watch it the next time they log in to Imagine Edgenuity.
Will students be required to watch the orientation video more than one time?

No, students will only be required to watch the orientation video in its entirety one time. If you select multiple students to update and enable the orientation video, any students who have previously completed the video will not be required to watch it again.  


To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have "Edit Students" checked under Student Accounts. To validate your permissions, click here.


Need to know how to access this page? View the steps here.


  1. Under More and Update Student Options, click Orientation Video


    Your action bar may look different based on your permissions.

  2. Select the radio button to Require or Not Require the Orientation Video for the students, then click Save.
  3. A confirmation screen will show the change was made successfully. Click OK


    If Not Require was selected, then the confirmation page will say "Not Require."