EdgeEX and heritage Edgenuity — Working in the Student Course List

The Student Course List is used for both EdgeEX and heritage Imagine Edgenuity courses. 

In the image below, note how both display on the same page.


To access the Student Course List, reference Viewing a student's courses.


For heritage courses, all actions on the page require selecting the course and clicking an action button. For EdgeEX courses, you must first click the hyperlinked section name to navigate to the Enrollment Hub.

EdgeEX vs. heritage

EdgeEX Heritage

The Manage EdgeEX Courses section contains EdgeEX courses. The EdgeEX logo EdgeEXLogo.png is a quick way to identify the EdgeEX area on the page. 

EdgeEX sections do not have a radio button to the left of their name. Instead, click directly on the name of the section to be taken to the student's Enrollment Hub, where you can take all necessary actions, such as accessing the Gradebook.


Heritage courses are in their own area of the page and include radio buttons next to the name of the course. Select the radio button to take actions on a course, such as accessing the Gradebook.