EdgeEX and heritage Edgenuity — Calculating Actual Grade

The Actual Grade answers the question, "how is the student doing on the work they should have completed so far?" The calculation of Actual Grade is different in EdgeEX than in heritage Imagine Edgenuity courses. For heritage Imagine Edgenuity, zeroes are not factored into the calculation of Actual Grade. For EdgeEX, zeroes are included, resulting in a lower Actual Grade score if a student is behind.

EdgeEX Heritage
The Actual Grade in EdgeEX courses is calculated using the weighted average grade for all activities, assuming zeroes for work that should have been completed, but is not. Once the student has completed the overdue work, the Actual Grade is recalculated and the student's score on those activities is averaged into the grade with no penalty, as though the activity had never been overdue. The Actual Grade in heritage courses, defined in detail here, does not assume zeroes for uncompleted work. Instead, it is calculated using the student's Overall Grade and their Progress Ratio (actual progress divided by target progress).