EdgeEX and heritage Edgenuity — Using the Manage Courses page

The Manage Courses page is used for both EdgeEX and heritage Imagine Edgenuity courses. For heritage Imagine Edgenuity, educators use the Manage Courses page to access courses directly. For EdgeEX, educators use the Manage Courses page to access sections of a course assigned to individual teachers. 

In the image below, note how both display on the same page.


EdgeEX vs. heritage

EdgeEX Heritage
Locate EdgeEX sections on the Manage Courses page. The EdgeEX logo EdgeEXLogo.png is a quick way to identify EdgeEX courses. You can also review the Series column to identify the type of course.
Locate courses on the Manage Courses page. These rows do not have an EdgeEX logo, and the Series column identifies the type of course.


For heritage Edgenuity courses, all actions on the Manage Courses page require selecting the course and clicking an action button. For EdgeEX courses, the View Students and Archive/Enable Course buttons are active on Manage Courses, but you must access all other actions by clicking the hyperlinked section title and navigating within the Section Hub.

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