EdgeEX — Locating courses in the Imagine Edgenuity Catalog


To view the Imagine Edgenuity Catalog, you must have the EdgeEX View Imagine Edgenuity Catalog permission. To check your permissions, reference Checking your educator permissions.

Use this article to locate courses in the Imagine Edgenuity Catalog by searching or filtering the information.

  1. On the Courses tab, click Imagine Edgenuity Catalog.
  2. Locate courses by completing one or more of the following actions:
    Action Description
    Scroll through the list of available courses Use the scrollbar to scroll through the list and locate the course(s) you want to add to your district or school.
    Search courses Use the search bar on the top navigation to search for courses by title.
    Filter courses 

    Click the filter button to show or hide the filters. 

    Filter by any or all of the following:

    • Grade
    • Subject
    • Length of course
    • Version of course
    • License status

    As you change the filter, the course choices automatically display on the left.