Using Speed Radar in the Attendance Log

Use this page to understand how to use speed radar within the attendance log.

If the Academic Integrity add-on is enabled for a school, the attendance log display includes a speed radar which shows any activities where the students' progress is faster than expected, for example:

  • If students are completing reading assignments in an unexpectedly short time. This is likely an indication they are not reading the assigned materials. Chat with these students about the importance of leaving themselves sufficient time to read and analyze the assigned texts. If students are struggling with the reading level of their assignments, consider enabling the Read-Aloud feature in a student’s profile.
  • If students are completing instructional activities (for example, Warm-up, Instruction, Summary) more quickly than expected. This may be an indication they are using scripting software to advance to the next frame automatically, particularly if a review of student responses reveals that they did not select an answer choice for any of the embedded tasks. (This indicates the script is just repeatedly clicking the Next button to move the student forward.) You may wish to reset activities for these students and require them to complete activities in a proctored environment.
  • An alert is raised if a student completes 12 or more activities, with each those activities completed in 2.5 minutes or less.

To use Speed Radar

  1. Open the Attendance Log for a class. Click here to see the steps required.
  2. Review Speed Radar to see if any students have completed assignments much faster than expected. The display will show them highlighted in red. If you do not want to see Speed Radar, toggle the switch to off.
  3. Click a student's name to review their session log.
  4. Review the session log. The course or courses that were flagged by speed radar are highlighted in red:


    If the educator wants to print the session log, the speed radar violation will be highlighted in the print copy for sharing with the student.


If any assignments have been flagged by speed radar, consider taking one or more of the following actions to resolve the issue:

  • Spot-check the activities to see how fast the student completed the work and what they did.
  • Reach out to the student and discuss items that are flagged.
  • If needed, reset the activity.