Using the Attendance Log

The attendance log displays usage time for the number of activities completed by students in the selected week for each course in which they are enrolled.

If the Academic Integrity add-on is enabled for a school, the display also includes a speed radar which can be used to show any activities where students' progress is faster than normally expected. This could either indicate low engagement with the course work or, in some cases, the use of cheating software.

  1. Click the More tab, then click Attendance Log on the drop-down menu.
  2. The Attendance Log displays data for all students registered at the current school.
    The contents of the display can be changed by clicking the areas with the callouts as follows:
    Week of: The week corresponding to the data shown. Enter the date for the start of the week (using the format: MM/DD/YYYY), or click the calendar icon to choose the week beginning date.
    Academic Integrity

    If the Academic Integrity add-on is enabled for a school, the Speed Radar button shows which activities have been completed faster than usual, and highlights them in red. The display can be toggled on and off by clicking the button. The speed radar button turns red when it has been activated.

    Educators can click the Speed Radar button to see any activities with students progressing at a much faster pace than expected. This is typically a signal that students are not reading the material, randomly guessing on assessments or typing nonsense characters into writing prompts. To learn more about speed radar, click here.

    Student Name Each row shows attendance time for activities that have had work recorded, started, continued, or completed for an individual student. Click the student's name to see the session log for the student.

  3. Review the data on the attendance log. View more information about the data here.