Logging in to the Help Center

The Help Center is a resource that provides how-to, best practice, and general information to our customers. While the majority of the content is open to anonymous users, we do have some pages limited to our product users only. This page will show how to unlock those pages. 

This action is good for 8 hours so it is encouraged to do this in the morning so you have access to all pages throughout the day. 

Adding an Email to Your Account

An email address needs to be associated with the educator account before the system can authenticate the user. 

  1. Click the educator initials. 
  2. Click Update my info.
  3. Enter an email address. 
  4. Click Save Educator

Accessing the Help Center

Once the email has been set up on the educator's account, the user will only need to do the following steps to authenticate: 

  1. Click the educator initials. 
  2. Click Help Center.
  3. The Help Center looks like it does for unauthenticated users, but behind the scenes, locked articles have unlocked.