Family Portal Progress Reports

Within the Family Portal, a parent/guardian will see the student's progress on the progress report. 

At the top of the report, you’ll find the Name of the Course, as well as the course start and target dates. The target date is the date by which all coursework must be completed.


In the Course Completed section, you’ll find the following information:

  • Course Completed percentage: This number indicates what percentage of the course your student has completed, working toward the goal of 100% completion. 
  • Color-coded completion squares: The colors in the square blocks represent your student’s progress:
    • Red indicates your student is falling behind.
    • Blue indicates your student is on track.
    • Green indicates your student is ahead of schedule.
  • Target Completion: This indicates how far along in the course your student should be. 

Beneath that section, you’ll find the Overall Grade. This percentage represents the grade your student has acquired thus far in the course, based on all activities and assessments completed. The squares are color-coded to allow you to quickly understand your student’s progress:

  • Red: Grade is between 0 and 59 percent.
  • Orange: Grade is between 60 and 69 percent. 
  • Yellow: Grade is between 70 and 79 percent. 
  • Olive: Grade is between 80 and 89 percent. 
  • Green: Grade is between 90 and 100 percent.

To the right of the Overall Grade box, you’ll find more information, including:

  • Complete Count, which indicates the percentage of course activities that your student has already completed. 
  • Relative Grade, which is the grade your student would receive if they stopped working and received 0% for all unfinished activities.
  • Actual Grade, which is the overall grade adjusted for progress if your student is behind.