Getting Started with Virtual Tutors

Imagine Learning's virtual tutoring solution offers your students comprehensive preparation and gives them access to rigorous content to help prepare them for their national tests. These Virtual Tutor courses, also referred to as VT Courses, are designed to be self-paced and self-managed by the student to gain additional practice with skills they have not yet mastered.

Imagine Learning uses virtual classrooms and virtual tutors, but these options are distinct. Virtual classes are credit-bearing courses designed for students taking a course for the first time, but VT courses are test-preparation programs designed to prioritize content for students to review before a high-stakes test. Both the virtual classrooms and VT courses include the same standards, unless there are standards not assessed on the test, in which case the VT course would not include that content. However, the VT course is divided into modules by reporting category or strand, and the content is not necessarily sequenced in the order students would study it in a course. This is because the VT is designed to allow students to review content and prepare for the test one strand at a time. Students take an upfront diagnostic at the start of each strand. Based on their performance, the system automatically generates an individualized study path through the content in that strand, prioritizing the concepts and skills students most need to review.


Follow the steps in this learning path to learn all about Imagine Learning's Virtual Tutors: