Getting Started for Administrators

Are you just beginning your partnership with us? Have you recently renewed and need a refresher? As a part of our Imagine Learning family, we would like to offer you some important resources to get you started with our Imagine Learning. These resources are complimentary and were created with the following people in mind:
  • Imagine Learning Program Administrators
  • District Administrators
  • School Administrators
  • Lead Teachers
  • Counselors
  • Those responsible for managing other Imagine Learning educators

We are pleased to offer you access to our Program Implementation webinar that will help you make important decisions about the initial set up and structure of your implementation. You’ll be guided through Imagine Learning’s key features and learn about settings and managing the program. You’ll also receive an overview of critical reports and progress monitoring to analyze data and track student achievement.

Imagine Edgenuity Program Implementation Recorded Training Session

Supporting Documents for Complimentary Webinar

The following resources are referenced during the webinar:

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