Back-to-School for teachers

Welcome Teachers!

We are so glad you are here! The checklist below will help you start the new year with your Imagine Edgenuity courses.

 Returning teachers:

Your administrator should have completed the end-of-year essentials before setting up students and courses for the new year. If you see any data from the previous semester that you think should be cleaned up, please contact your school or district administrator.

Getting Started

Teacher tasks Related resources
For new teachers:
Log in with the credentials provided by your administrator and take the time to get familiar with your role within Imagine Edgenuity.
New Customers
For returning teachers:
Log in with your credentials and explore courses that were updated from the previous year.
Course Updates
For all teachers:
  • Familiarize yourself with the student experience.
  • Attend any Edgenuity professional development training offered throughout the school year by your school or district. Contact your administrator for specific training dates and times.
Student Experience


1. Introduction and Managing Your Edgenuity Account
Manage your account Explore the homepage and update your profile.  
Check permissions Click your name in the upper right corner of your screen to view your default permissions. Enter your email address, and check the box to opt into our important customer communications. Your administrator can update your permissions for you. Checking Your Permissions
Explore the Help Center Use the search bar at the top of each page to find answers to your questions. Check out the Getting Started section to begin learning the basic functionality of Imagine Edgenuity. Getting Started
2. Managing students
Add students A district administrator may have imported all of your students for you, so be sure to check with your admin before adding new students. If you are tasked with creating student accounts, this resource will guide you through that process. Creating a New Student Account
Establish Classes or User Groups

Organize students into Classes or User Groups.

Classes are shareable groups of students to be used for bulk enrolling and monitoring larger groups of students. With Classes, you have the option of pre-selecting one or many subjects which will automatically filter any enrollment data to those subjects assigned to the class.

User Groups are personalized groups that individual educators can manage, but not share with others. User Groups are useful for creating “watchlists” of students you want to keep an eye on, but can also be used for all of the reporting features that Classes can be used for. The biggest difference is that you cannot share a User Group with another educator.

Creating a Class


Adding Students to a Class


Creating a User Group


Adding Students to a User Group

3. Managing courses and understanding the curriculum

Explore course structures

Explore the structure of any Imagine Edgenuity course and click on any activity to preview what your students will see. Accessing the Course Structure
Explore course documents View the documents associated with the course. Some examples are scopes, alignments, and teacher guides. Viewing the Course Documents
Access standards alignments Locate the standards aligned with each lesson of the course. Accessing Course Standards
Review Gradebook Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the Gradebook so you can provide feedback to your students as soon as they start working in the system. Accessing the Gradebook
Enroll students in courses Assign students in a course. Enrolling a Student in a Course

Enrolling Multiple Students in a Course
4. Viewing reports - Make sure you are logged in to Imagine Edgenuity to view these reports.
Single-student reports Explore reports pertaining to individual students. Single-Student Reports
Multi-student reports Explore reports for your class or user group. Multi-Student Reports
5. Communication
Questions? Contact our Support team with any questions. Contact Us
Collaboration Corner Explore ways to enable teachers to communicate with students. Various ways include chat, email, posting announcements, and incorporating online discussions into classes. Collaboration Corner
Subscription Opt-in for Imagine Edgenuity's communications so you are always up-to-date on important changes and enhancements to help you and your students. Subscription