Third quarter for administrators

It is important for administrators to keep track of student progress. There are a number of reports available to view different variations of student progress data. Third quarter can bring about new students or new enrollments. Also included below are tips for preparing for summer school if students will be using Imagine Edgenuity for summer school credit. 


Prepare for a new semester
1 Add new students Are there students new to the school this semester who need to be added to Imagine Edgenuity?

Add new student accounts individually.
Adding a New Student
2 Customize courses Customize courses before enrolling new students. Customizing
3 Enroll new students Assign new students enrollments for courses. Enrolling in a Course
Keep track of student progress
4 Review reports Check out a list of all the reports within Imagine Edgenuity. There are a variety of reports to help an educator view any calculation you desire. Reports
Thinking about summer school
5 Create a Summer School Contact your Customer Success Manager to have them create a summer school.   
6 Check for course updates View the updates organized by national or state-specific courses.  Course Updates
7 Customize the course Adjust the course to account for the shortened schedule. Another option could be to put on pretesting for credit recovery. Make sure to read which courses are not recommended for Pretesting. Customizing