Tips to Help Your Student Succeed

If your student is new to virtual learning, you’ll notice some differences from in-person learning including how teachers interact with students and how their progress and growth are measured. Even with these changes, both you and your student’s teachers remain crucial components of their success.

The biggest change will be in how the instruction and curriculum are made available to your student. No matter your student’s age, skill level, or ability, it’s good to regularly check in on them to help monitor their progress and remind them that you’re still invested in their academic growth and achievement. Talk through challenges with them, and encourage them to work through struggles. And as you can, celebrate successes, both big and small.


Focus on three things: time, expectations, and encouragement.

  • Time: If your student is able to work on Edgenuity courses from home, then make sure your student has scheduled enough time to complete daily assignments at a doable pace. If your student works on Edgenuity courses at school, then encourage your student to schedule time to review his or her printed eNotes before taking assessments.
  • Set high expectations: Encourage your student to actively use the Assignment Calendar to track what course work he or she should be completing each day. Setting and achieving daily goals helps keep students motivated and determined to succeed.
  • Ask for feedback, and provide encouragement: On a daily basis, check in with your student by asking questions.
    • What did you learn today?
    • What did you accomplish today?
    • What did you find challenging today?
    • How did you overcome those challenges?
    • How can I help you achieve success?

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