Actual Grade (Definition)


For EdgeEX courses, Actual Grade is calculated differently. Reference EdgeEX and heritage Edgenuity: Calculating Actual Grade for details.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why would a student’s Actual Grade drop overnight when they are not behind in their work?
The Actual Grade is a ratio of completion over target completion multiplied by the Overall Grade. The target completion will reset (increase) at the beginning of each day to account for the work due that day, with the exception of any days removed from the district calendar as non-working days for students. Depending on the amount of work due daily, students may see their Actual Grade decrease overnight. Once the student completes the assigned daily work, the actual grade will adjust accordingly.

This is the overall grade adjusted for progress if a student is behind. This score doesn't assume zeros for uncompleted work; simply penalizes for falling behind. Assigning zeros could swing a grade dramatically depending on the weight of the uncompleted activities. Any ungraded, but submitted work, does not count against the grade. Once graded, it is factored into the calculation. 

This metric incorporates a penalty for a student being behind their target. It makes use of a ratio that represents the student’s actual progress divided by his target progress. In order for this metric to populate, a student's course must have a start date and target date assigned. Some teachers use this for progress reports, while others may use this year-round.

This grade will never be higher than the overall grade when students are working ahead.

When a "N/A" appears for an Actual Grade, it means that the start and target dates have not been set. Also, the day the student was enrolled in the course will appear as "N/A".


  • shows the impact of pacing on the student's course grade. 


If a student is 40% of the way through the course but should be 50% of the way through the course, his Progress Ratio is 40/50, or 0.8. The student’s Actual Grade is the product of the Overall Grade and the Progress Ratio. This would be the Overall Grade times 0.8.

Reports that include this metric: