Understanding the Course Report


Looking for information about the EdgeEX Course Report? Reference EdgeEX — Understanding the Course Report in the Student Learning Experience.

Use this page to learn about the contents of the Course Report.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why do I only see one grade metric on my student's course report?

That is because your district administrator has only enabled one grade metric. If you want to see additional metrics, you will need to contact the administrator and have him/her add them.

If I add grades for activities done outside of Edgenuity, will those appear on the Course Report?

Yes! When you add Additional Activities to a student's course, those grades appear at the end of the Course Report and are calculated into the grade based on the weight you assign to that grade weight category.

How are due dates calculated?

When start and target dates are set the system calculates the number of activities and the expected time it takes to complete each activity and divides it evenly across the days a student has to complete work. This is why it is also important for the district to set up their calendar to highlight which days students are to work. Depending on these factors, students may have multiple days to complete one assignment or they may have to complete multiple assignments in one day. For example, a five hour project might be spread across three days whereas a 30 minute warm-up and a 20 minute instruction are due on the same day.

Note that when an activity is started on one day but due another, the progress of the student and the completion progress will not match because it's based on the due date and not the day it was submitted. 

What time zone are the dates pulled for the Course Report?

The dates are based on Arizona's time zone. Keep this in mind if a student in California completes an activity at 11:03p PST and the date on the course report shows the next day. This is because Arizona time was 12:03a. 

How does Edgenuity handle rounding?

Edgenuity rounds to one decimal point. Read here to find out more.


Additional activities are now included on the Course Report. These activities are located at the bottom of the report. The date submitted is the date the teacher added the additional activity score to the student's course

The table below explains each piece of the report. 



Features Description Image
Start Date The date the student is expected to start the course. Course_Report-_Overview-_Start_date.png
Target Date The date the student is expected to complete the course. Course_Report-_Overview-_target_date.png
Student Progress Shows the completed percentage by time, which represents how far along in the course the student has progressed. Course_Report-_Overview-_student_progress.png
Target Progress Ratio of days elapsed to available working days in a course. It is used to determine whether students are ahead or behind. Course_Report-_Overview-_target_progress.png

This is a list of each activity within each lesson of the course. 

If a course has been customized, it will be reflected on this report.


The due date assigned via the Assignment Calendar.

If an activity's due date spans across multiple days, the last day is the date that populates this field.

First Attempt The date the student first began the activity. Grading-_Course_Report-_first_attempt.png

The date the student submitted the activity.

If a student has multiple attempts the score counted is the date that is displayed.

Attempts The number of times a student completed the activity. Grading-_Course_Report-_attempts.png
Est Time The approximate time it would take a student to complete the activity. Course_Report-_Overview-_Est_time_column.png
Total Time

The total comprehensive time it took a student to complete the activity. 

If a student has multiple attempts, the time displayed is a summation of all the attempts. 


The weighted category to which the activity is associated. 

Only activities that are counted toward the grade are shown.


The counted score the student earned on the activity.

Only activities that are counted toward the grade are shown.