Recording, Saving, and Editing Audio Feedback for Educators

Use this page to learn how to record, save, and/or edit the audio recording made to provide feedback to students.
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  1. To begin recording, click the Microphone icon Grading-Audio_Recording-Microphone_icon.png in the red button to record the feedback.
  2. Record the feedback.
  3. When done, click the Stop icon Grading-Audio_Recording-Stop_icon.png.
  4. To review the feedback, click the Play button Grading-Audio_Recording-play_button.png.
  5. Click either Cancel to start again or Save to continue.

    If Cancel is selected, you will not be able to restore the recording.

  6. The window will refresh after the recording is saved. Click Audio Comments to review or edit the recording. Clicking the three dots also allows for downloading the audio file to the local drive, if needed.


    The date, time, and user who recorded the audio feedback is stored at the time the audio is saved. This information will be visible to students.