Enabling Student Audio Recording

Use this page to learn how to help students enable audio recording.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can students create audio recordings in courses other than the World Language courses?

At this time, the Edgenuity World Language courses are the only courses that support audio recordings for students.

  1. When students need to leave an audio recording, they are prompted by their browser. Select the browser used by the student:
    Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Window 10- Microsoft Edge Safari on Mac Safari on iPad


    If you do not see a popup, make sure that you do not have any popup blockers enabled. You may need to contact your local IT or Tech support for additional help if you do not see the option to allow access to your microphone.

  2. Once enabled, students may need to scroll to locate the recording device.
  3. Students will need to click and hold the Record "R" button Grading-Audio_recording-enabling_for_Students-03button.png until finished speaking, then release.
  4. If the microphone sound isn’t loud enough, an alert appears for the student. They should adjust the sound sensitivity and/or volume on the recorder and try again.

    A similar alert appears if the recording is too short, which needs to be at least 3 seconds in length.

  5. When the recording is successful, the student will see the response recorded boxed automatically checked.
  6. They can now submit their assignment by clicking the Submit button.