Viewing an Activity Overview

Use this page to learn the items available when viewing how a student performed on an activity. 


Overview of Actions

Educators have the ability to view the warm-up, instruction, summary, and assignment attempt by the student. The actions listed below are found within the student's individual gradebook. 

Click on an action to learn more about it: 

Action Action Image
Change Score Change_Score.png
Reset Activity Reset_activity.png
Overview Overview.png
Student Name View_Assess-_Actions-_Student_Name.png
Course Name View_Assess-_Actions-_Course_Name.png
Lesson Name View_Assess-_Actions-_Lesson_Name.png
Points Possible View_Assess-_Actions-_Points_Possible.png
Points Received View_Assess-_Actions-_Points_Received.png
Score View_Assess-_Actions-_Score.png


Meaning of the Icons

Answer Icon Image Description
Green Checkmark Grading-_assessment-_green_checkmark.png The student answered the question correctly
Red X Grading-_assessment-_red_x.png The student answered the question incorrectly
Gray X Grading-_assessment-_gray_x.png This is an incorrect answer, but a student did not select it. These are found in ' select all that apply' questions. 
Gray Checkmark Grading-_assessment-_gray_checkmark.png This is a correct answer, but a student did not select it. These are found in 'select all that apply' questions. 


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