Virtual Tutor Diagnostics

Virtual Tutor (VT) courses contain a pre- and post-diagnostic test. The pre- and post-diagnostic tests are identical, so they have the same questions for all students. There is no re-sorting of the questions or adjusting the 4-hour time limit to take the test. If an educator customizes the VT course prior to the student starting the diagnostic pretest, only the lessons still enabled in the course will be assessed on the pre- and post-diagnostic tests.


Although removing content from a lesson impacts the pre- and post-diagnostic tests, adding content does not.

The purpose of taking the pre-diagnostic test is to create a customized study path based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Each lesson has three associated questions on the diagnostic, and students must answer two out of the three questions correctly to place out of the lesson.

The Gradebook shows which lessons a student has tested out of. In the image below, the student has tested out of the lessons with the circle and slash symbol and will therefore bypass those lessons.


The post-diagnostic test contains the same questions as the pretest. It can be used to measure student progress after the student has completed all of the required coursework.