Exam-Only Courses

Educators have the ability to create customized exams that can be used to assess specific content within an Imagine Edgenuity course. Beginning with a customized course, the exam-only course automatically removes all coursework, including the review, and contains one exam that will assess students over only the content that was included in the customized version of the course.

 This is different than starting with the base course and customizing everything out but the exams. When doing a customization this way, the exams will include questions from all lessons. The exam-only course will respect the customizations and exclude customized content from the assessment.

Exam-only courses follow the same logic and functionality of all other exams, so they contain 50 questions selected at random from the item bank. These courses can be created and assigned at any time.


Exam-only courses are not available for World Language and eDynamic Learning courses.

Creating exam-only courses

Use one of these links to learn how to create an exam-only course: