Daily Checklist

Use this page as a guide to ensure educators and students have a successful time in the computer lab. 


Daily Question Notes Additional Resources
What does my student need to do to earn credit for this course?

This is determined by Administrators and Educators. 

Example: 100% complete with coursework, 60% grade on completed work. 

How can an educator ensure student success?
  • Set accurate start/target dates. 
  • Students should complete their daily activities. 

Start and Target Dates

Daily Activity

Daily Activity Notes Additional Resources
Monitor the Dashboard

This is the one-stop shop for important data. 

  • Check student progress.
  • Check overall grade

Overall Grade

Supporting Questions

Items to Check Questions Additional Resources
Student Progress
  • Is student progress displayed in red on the Dashboard?
  • Why is the student(s) falling behind? 
    • Check the Attendance Log.

Attendance Log

Overall Grade
  • Is the overall grade below the expectation? 
    • Look at the Lesson Mastery Report for skills that may be problematic for the students.
Lesson Mastery Report
Attendance Log
  • Are the students completing 5-6 activities for every 60-90 minutes they are logged in?
  • Is the idle time more than 15% of their time logged in?
    • Check a student's session log to see how they are spending their time. 
  • Is there an assessment after every 90 minutes? 
    • Look at the Gradebook to see if they are struggling on a quiz, test, or exam. 
    • Review the Lesson Mastery Report. 

Session Log
Idle Time
Lesson Mastery Report