Using an Additional Activity Example

You may have a transfer student who completed part of a course outside of Edgenuity. Using the Additional Activity feature, you can include the grade earned from this other school and make it part of the student's Edgenuity course.

Here is an example of when to use the Additional Activities feature: Macy was transferred to a school using Edgenuity in January. She completed her first semester of Biology and earned a 90% at her previous school.

An educator can now:

  1. Enroll Macy into Edgenuity's Biology course.
  2. Go to the Additional Activities screen.
  3. Name the description "Macy's Grade for Semester 1" and give her a score of 90 since she earned a 90% during her first semester.
  4. Go into Macy's enrollments and click the Edit Options link. Adjust the weight for "Additional" to be 50% because she already completed half of the course at her other school.

    Remember the grade weights must equal 100% so if the additional category is 50% the others will need to be adjusted to add up to the remaining 50%.

  5. Click Submit.


Be sure to Customize Macy's course so that she does not need to complete the work she did from the first semester.