Accessing the Guided Notes for a Course


Looking for Guided Notes for EdgeEX courses? Reference EdgeEX — Accessing Guided Notes.

Lessons from a number of courses include the Guided Notes feature. Where available, the Guided Notes are made up of a separate student version and teacher version. The difference between the 2 versions is that the teacher version contains answer keys to support the verification of notes students take during the lesson and the student version does not. Guided notes are available as PDFs which can be downloaded and printed from each corresponding lesson. Guided Notes are associated with specific lessons and can only be printed as individual lessons, not for the entire course.

Frequently asked questions

If I customize a course, will the Guided Notes follow?
Yes! The Guided Notes are attached to that lesson so wherever that lesson is placed, the Guided Notes will follow.
Will students be able to access their Guided Notes when taking an assessment?
Guided Notes are to be downloaded, printed, and then filled in by students. Since the notes are in hard-copy form, it will be up to the teacher as to whether or not students can use them on an assessment.
How do students access the Guided Notes?
Within the Course Map, a student should expand the lesson name menu to find the Guided Notes for that lesson.
Can I download guided notes in bulk?

Yes! You can download them from the Help Center:

Accessing the Guided Notes for a course

  1. Access the applicable course on the Manage Courses page.
  2. Under the More button, select View Course Structure.
  3. Below are the student and teacher versions for each lesson:
    • Student Version: Click the Guided Notes link to open the student version. This version can be downloaded and printed for students.


      You can also click the lesson name and then in the window that displays, select Guided Notes.

    • Teacher Version: Click the lesson name and then in the window that displays, select Teacher Version.


If the icon and link are not visible, the selected lesson does not currently contain Guided Notes.