Imagine Edgenuity password requirements

To improve security, Imagine Edgenuity is updating our password strength requirements for new users beginning March 18, 2024.

Passwords requirements for educators and students are as follows:

  • Passwords are case sensitive.
  • All characters are allowed. 
  • Maximum number of characters: 64
  • Minimum number of characters:
    • Student accounts: 6
    • Educator accounts: 8

Frequently asked questions

I'm an existing user. Do I have to change my password?
No. Your password will not need to meet the new requirements unless you decide to change it. Any new passwords you create will need to meet the applicable requirements.
How do I know which password policy I need to follow?
When you attempt to change your password, if your new password does not meet the guidelines, a warning message will display, providing guidance for your new password choice.
I'm using the assisted rostering option. What do I need to do?

If you are using the assisted rostering option and you are providing passwords to us on your rostering templates, they must follow the applicable policy or they will be rejected. Your CSM can advise you of the password requirements selected by your district.

If you are not providing passwords on your rostering templates, passwords that meet the applicable requirements will be assigned to users for you.

My district automates user account creation via a nightly integration. Will we be impacted by the new password policy rules?
If you use an integration with Imagine Edgenuity that creates users and passwords, your district's Imagine Edgenuity password policy won't change until you have consulted with our Integrations Team on how to implement a new policy. An Integrations team member will be reaching out to your district administration to discuss.


District administrators: Stricter password policies are available. If you would like a stricter password policy for your district, please contact your Success partner at Imagine Learning.