eDynamic Learning electives overview

To help students explore new interests and develop pre-employment skills, Imagine Learning offers career and general elective courses by eDynamic Learning. Available for middle and high school students, these courses will expand a school’s course catalog and engage students in a range of new interests and skills.

Imagine Learning offers a suite of eDynamic Learning electives on a subscription basis, allowing students to pursue a large range of interests in language arts, creative arts, STEM, and CTE. These electives are priced separately by enrollment. To view our current offerings, check out Imagine Learning's national course list of subscription-based electives.

While the courses are integrated with the rest of the platform and are accessible in the same way as other Imagine Edgenuity courses, the eDynamic Learning courses have a different instructional design than Imagine Learning's proprietary offerings. As such, some of the tools available for students and educators are different from Imagine Learning's other offerings.