Managing School Settings Overview

The School Settings page allows an administrator to find the school name, IDs, list of school administrators, and school-wide feature settings.

User Permissions

You must have "School Profile: Limited Edit" and "View District Schools" checked under District and School Settings. To validate your permissions, review Checking for Permissions

Accessing School Settings

Under the More tab, select School Settings.

Features of the School Settings Page


Administrators with permission can manage the settings marked with an asterisk(*) while the others are managed by Imagine Edgenuity personnel only.

Item Description


School name

School ID*

Imagine Edgenuity system School ID

External School ID*

School ID used with integrations

Time Zone*

School time zone (affects schedules, Assignment Calendar, Session Log, etc.)


Indicates whether a school is Active, Suspended, or Archived. (Currently all schools appear as Active and cannot be changed.)

Type includes the following:

  • Standard: Used to manage courses facilitated by district teachers
  • Instructional Services: Used to manage courses facilitated by Imagine Edgenuity teachers
  • Course Management: Contains all Imagine Edgenuity base/state courses
  • Other

If the box next to the following features is checked, the feature is available to students:

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Rich Text Editor
Additional Imagine Edgenuity Products

If the box next to the following features is checked, the product is enabled:

  • MyPath
  • LivePerson Student
  • LivePerson Educator
School Administrators Name and email address of active school administrators