Course Management School Overview

This page describes what the Course Management School (CMS) is, and who can access it. Not everyone will have access to the Course Management School. A school/district's Courseware site administrator can get the new course(s) added to the school for teachers to view, if they have not already.


To follow the steps listed below, you will need to have the "View District Schools" checked under District and Schools Settings. To validate your permissions, click here. District Administrators, who have this permission set by default, can assign the permission to other educators in their district, as needed.

The Course Management School is a dedicated school provided to every district, where courses can be reviewed, customized, and managed.
  • The Course Management School can serve as a system of record for all of a district’s courses.
  • New courses are automatically added to the Course Management School upon release which allows them to be previewed or edited.
  • The Course Management School can be used to customize courses, eliminating the risk of students being assigned to a course before it is approved.
  • When courses are approved for students' use, they can be copied into any school throughout the district.


Because the CMS is specially designed for managing and organizing courses, student accounts cannot be added or given access to it. This also means students cannot be enrolled through the CMS.

Click here for information on how to use the Course Management School.